What it’s like to be on Stage…

Everybody is different. Not many people can say they are comfortable with singing in front of an audience, it simply depends on the person. Personally, being on stage is a feeling like no other! Although at times, it could be the best thing ever, other times it could be a nightmare. I believe that being on stage depends on the audience you have and the way the crowd reacts to your performance. If the audience is tired and is barely taking any notice of your performance then you’d just feel useless, even if you’re singing the best you’ve ever sung.

Some people may feel scared and afraid of failure or embarrassment, but what they wouldn’t be understanding is that it takes making mistakes to learn! Mistakes are proof that you are trying, so ignore the fact that something might go wrong because those are normal things that tend to happen. Not everything can always run smoothly but the most important thing is that you keep going because that’s what shows how good and professional you are, not being afraid of hitting a note perfectly.

Many may look at being on stage as scary, but others may say it feels like home. The feeling of knowing that people are there to see you perform is unexplainable! But then again, being on stage isn’t something you become comfortable with overnight… having people who are automatically ok with being on stage, even if it’s for the first time, is very rare. Most people are nervous to go on stage because of the way people may judge them but once they’re up there, all nerves go away and they’ll end up singing better than ever before.

The thing is that no matter how used to performing on stage you are, you’re always going to be performing in front of a new audience, so not knowing what their reaction might be could also influence your nerves. In fact, famous singers nowadays even admit to still being extremely nervous before performing at their own concerts or live tv performances even though the people in the audience would have paid to go and see specifically them which means they’re automatically going to love their performance!

Being on stage isn’t easy! It’s a feeling that can’t be trained by anything rather than doing the action itself and getting used to being up there. So try because all it can do is get better!

Lots of Love,